Guava Juice Holiday Box


A limited-edition package with a total value of over $50, meant as a special keepsake for the holidays. Buy the one-time box and get it for $19.99

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Guava Juice Box, we have added a special collectible pin to all boxes (while supplies last)

The box includes:
- Guava Juice Holiday Vinyl Figure
- Guava Juice Splat Ball
- Guava Juice Finger Yo-Yos
- Guava Juice Magnetic Slap Bracelet
- Guava Juice Holiday Stocking
- Guava Juice Finger LED Projector
- Guava Juice Egg Spinner
- Guava Juice Thank You Card 

Please note: The Guava Juice splat ball is filled with water and 'splats' against a hard surface, returning to its original shape within a few seconds. However, if you throw the ball with extra force, it might break or leak. In that case, please throw the ball away as you would do with any broken toy.

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Download the game: Click here.