Shady Agents

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Components & Pieces 

10 Role Cards: 5 Law Abiding Agent Cards + 5 Corrupted Agent Cards

20 Marker Tokens: 10 Authorize Tokens (Green) + 10 Eliminate Tokens (Red)

50 Interrogation Questions: with 100 questions (2 questions on each card)


You are all Undercover Agents hired to investigate each other. Some of you are Law-Abiding Agents fighting for justice. Others are Crooked Agents corrupting the law. You all meet at the same rendezvous point, but since everyone is undercover, no one knows who is who.

In this game, you either play as a Law Abiding Agent or a Crooked Agent. Law Abiding Agents have taken an oath to tell the truth and Corrupted agents have been trained to lie.

Figure out who to AUTHORIZE and ELIMINATE before it is too late for your team.

Welcome to Shady Agents.


Gameplay Overview


In this game of 4 to 10 players, you will take on a role as either an LAW ABIDING AGENT or a CROOKED AGENT. Each role remains hidden and your objective is to help your allies and harm your foes. But how? Depending on your allegiance, you will communicate to your team using either lies or truths.


Once you determine your fellow members, mark players on your team with the AUTHORIZE TOKEN and send ELIMINATE TOKENS to those on the opposing side.   


For each Eliminate Token you receive, your team loses a point. For each Authorize Token you receive, your team will gain one point. Side with the highest score wins.








If there is an EVEN number of players, shuffle together a deck of Role cards with half the players on the LAW ABIDING AGENT side and half on the CROOKED AGENT side. Randomly distribute one to each player. Players must keep their role card secret during the gameplay.


Each player also takes a set of Marker tokens: one AUTHORIZE Token and one ELIMINATE Token


If there is an ODD number of players, select two even sets of ROLE cards (one more card than the number of players). With the additional role card, place that in the center, face down. Do not reveal until end of game. 





There are two rounds in this game.


Round 1:


Gameplay begins with each player getting a choice to:


  3. Peek.




When you Make A Move, you take one of your Marker Tokens, either Authorize Or Eliminate and give it to another player facedown. The player that received the token cannot look at it.


Send Authorize Tokens to your teammates to score, and send Eliminate Tokens to the other team to reduce their point total.




If you wish to gain information about ALL OTHER PLAYERS, you may select one of your one of your Marker Tokens, either Authorize Or Eliminate, and discard it without revealing to “Call For An Interrogation.”


Draw an Interrogation Card and read it aloud. Starting with the next player clockwise, they must make a statement that answers the card.


Law Abiding Agents, they must answer honestly. Corrupted Agents, they must tell a lie. Feel free to discuss!




If you wish to gain information about a single player, you may select one of your one of your Marker Tokens, either Authorize Or Eliminate, and discard it without revealing to “PEEK.” This will allow you to look at another player’s card.


Second Round:


After each player has had a turn to Make A Move, Call For An Interrogation, or Peek, each player now plays their remaining Marker Token. There is no more Interrogation or peeking in the second round.


Gameplay ends when all marker tokens have been distributed.


End Game:


All the players reveal their Role Cards. All marker tokens are turned over.


Your team gets:

+1 for each Authorize Token played on you

-1 for each Eliminate Token played on you.


If you’re playing with odd players, reveal role card last.

If there has been no agent interaction, it’s an automatic +1 for the the role card’s team.


If there has been agent interaction, then those token points apply.


Team with the highest score wins.


If there is a tie, the team with the most Authorize Tokens wins.