Cyanide & Happiness - Single Figure

$4.99 $8.99

Cyanide & Happiness's characters have finally entered the real world! Now you'll never have to be alone, crying yourself to sleep at night over the choices you've made, oh god, every single last one of them.

Now you'll have a Cyanide & Happiness figure to calm, console, and seduce you, depending on the music and mood lighting.

Each box continues either a random common, uncommon, or rare figure, including The Buttshark, Shark Rad, or even our Lord God Himself!

We've also hidden the ultra-rare GOLDEN GOD in a few blind boxes! So kill your son Issac, turn your wife into salt, and you might end up in His good graces enough to get yours! Sacrilegiously fantastic!

Collect them all and you'll never be sad again!