Half Truth by Richard Garfield and Ken Jennings

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Half-Truth is a party game for all ages and people, created by legendary game designer Richard Garfield and 74-time Jeopardy winner Ken Jennings. With art by well-known artist Ian O'Toole, the game comes with 500 trivia question cards and each card has a category on it, like "Animals with blue tongues." There are six possible answers, three right and three wrong, and players have to place bets on answers they believe are correct. 

"Half Truth is perfect for parties, rewarding both the quiz nerds and those who can only guess blindly." -- Slate.com  


  • TRIVIA YOUR FRIENDS WILL LOVE - Whether you're looking for party games, group activities, or just love trivia, the Half Truth board game is an exciting way to challenge your friends and family to see who is the smartest.
  • PERFECTLY CHALLENGING - With only 6 possibilities, players place their bets between three right and three wrong answers trying to guess correctly. This board game is a great way to show off how much you know.
  • BRAINIACS OF ALL AGES - If you're looking for board games for teens, young adults, and families then Half Truth is perfect for you. Our game is perfect for ages 12 and up.


A game for 2-6 players ages 12+

Each game comes with these components:

    • One deck of Half Truth cards (does not contain Kickstarter exclusive cards)
    • 1 Game Board
    • 3 Round Trackers (Round 1 Tracker is double-sided)
    • 36 Answer Chips (Each player gets 6 chips of the same color marked with letters A-F)
    • 6 Player Pawns
    • 50 Victory Point Tokens (20x1s, 15x5s, 15x10s)
    • Scoring Die
    • 1 Rulebook
    • 1 Deck Cover Card

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