Guava Juice Adventure Box


  • LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN - Say hello to our new Guava Juice Box that's specially designed for kids who have an adventurous mind! These guava juice toys for kids come with a collectible Super Roi figure who will accompany them on their adventure! The different toys in our Guava Juice Adventure Box help develop your child’s creativity, imagination, and cognitive skills.
  • GUAVA JUICE EXCLUSIVE: Our Guava Juice Adventure Box comes with a variety of different toys that brings your child on a Safari adventure at home with their favorite Youtuber. Guava Juice created this box specifically for his adventure-loving fans. Help your kids forget about the TV as they engage in this hands-on experience!
  • ADORABLE HUNGRY CROC - Our Guava Juice Adventure Box contains a crocodile that spices up the playtime. Our snapping crocodile game is featured with a highly innovative design that closes the mouth of the croc on your hand when you press the wrong teeth. Get your best friend right now and see who wins how many rounds!
  • ZOOPA RING AND SAFARI GREEN PUTTY - Continue your adventure on the go with our foldable flying disc that fits easily into your pockets! Throw your Zoopa ring and it makes a cool whistle sound and shape the safari green putty into whatever you can think of, the opportunities are endless!
  • 100% FUN & SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We have played with these ourselves and can guarantee you and your family will have a blast. Give our Guava Juice Stay Juicy Box a try and if it doesn’t put a smile on your face, simply get in contact with us within 30-days and we will make it right.